PGP is a unique, multifaceted products, manufacturing, distribution and marketing business for the plumbing, heating and engineering sector.

PGP is based in the UK and headed up by Craig Prescott – a service and commissioning engineer with over 16 years’ experience in the plumbing industry.

100% satisfaction. Always.

Before founding PGP, it’s always been our aim to deliver 100% product and service satisfaction because, at the end of the day, that’s why customers return for more – and with PGP liquids and adhesives we know we’ve got a range that’s proving to be a true winner.


We create fittings, pipes, and accessories that replace copper. Our products are cheaper but just as effective. All products are tested according to the highest applicable standards – at our own test laboratories or by independent institutes. We have committed ourselves to a sustainable protection of the environment and resources.

  • Meets ASTM D2846
  • Rated for 25 Bar @ 22°C & 6 Bar @ 90°C
  • NSF Listed
  • WRAS Approved
  • Solvent weld joints

High Performance Plumbing: Genova from Prime Global Products have created a high performance system alternative to conventional copper systems.

Genova’s technology offers much greater resistance to corrosion together with increased thermal efficiency while helping to eliminate noise or “Water Hammer”. In fact, whatever the criteria, Genova will significantly outperform metal plumbing systems in almost all aspects – making Genova pipes and fittings.

Designed For Life: Thanks to its unique features, Genova fittings are far more durable and reliable than copper, as they are almost 100% resistant to long term corrosion. The corrosion resistant properties help to reduce contaminants and keep the drinking water fresh and free from impurities. Even in areas where water is extremely hard, Genova pipes are simply not susceptible to the build up of lime-scale. Making Genova a trouble free system that will perform for the life of the building.

A System You’ll Warm To: Genova pipes are a much better insulator than copper as they lose a lot less heat than an ordinary metal plumbing system, making it far more energy efficient and cost efficient alternative.

The Sound of Silence: Another advantage of Genova is that they are a virtually silent operation. The plumbing system is not susceptible to water hammer noises that are usually associated with metal plumbing systems.

Guaranteed Reliability: Like all Prime Global Products, our pipes and fittings are guaranteed to deliver outstanding long term performance. All throughout the UK across different temperatures and environments.

The Professional Choice: With all the advantages of Genova has to offer compared to copper plumbing systems, there is no better choice! More efficient, Longer-lasting, quieter, more reliable and easier to install. Genova provides maintenance-free performance for life.


  • Eliminates scale and corrosion problems
  • Easier to work in tight space
  • Compatible with metal systems
  • Reduced Water Hammer
  • Stringent product quality testing in independent laboratories
  • Proven performance since 1960
  • Consistently reliable joints
  • Low surface temperatures
  • Quieter than copper – insulates rather than resonates water flow noise
  • Superior insulation reduces heat loss
  • Certified for potable water
  • Greatly reduces condensation problems
  • No contamination of water supply due to corrosion by-products or additives
  • Eliminates electrolysis
  • Full bore flow
  • Small tool investment – cutter and chamfering tool only
  • No torches or welding machines needed
  • Substantial labour and material savings
  • Fewer job site injuries – reduces insurance costs/lost man hours
  • Price stability
  • Reduces job site theft
  • Straight, professional appearance