High performance alternative to conventional copper systems

Genova Products have created a high performance system alternative to conventional copper systems. Genova’s technology offers much greater resistance to corrosion together with increased thermal efficiency while helping to eliminate noise or “Water Hammer”. In fact, whatever the criteria, Genova will significantly outperform metal plumbing systems in almost all aspects – making Genova pipes and fittings the perfect choice

Designed For Life:

Thanks to its unique features, Genova fittings are far more durable and reliable than copper, as they are almost 100% resistant to long term corrosion. The corrosion resistant properties help to reduce contaminants and keep the drinking water fresh and free from impurities. Even in areas where water is extremely hard, Genova pipes are simply not susceptible to the build up of lime-scale. Making Genova a trouble free system that will perform for the life of the building.

A System You'll Warm To:

Genova pipes are a much better insulator than copper as they lose a lot less heat than an ordinary metal plumbing system, making it far more energy efficient and cost efficient alternative.

The Sound of Silence:

Another advantage of Genova is that they are a virtually silent operation. The plumbing system is not susceptible to water hammer noises that are usually associated with metal plumbing systems.

Guaranteed Reliability:

Like all Genova products, our pipes and fittings are guaranteed to deliver outstanding long term performance. All throughout the UK across different temperatures and environments.

The Professional Choice:

With all the advantages of Genova has to offer compared to copper plumbing systems, there is no better choice! More efficient, Longer-lasting, quieter, more reliable and easier to install. Genova provides maintenance-free performance for life.